Real Estate Websites: Virtual Tours and Its Importance

Virtual tour is the method used to provide a graphical presentation of a property or properties to internet users. It is a simulation of an actually existing location, comprised of still or video images or virtual models of real location. To make it more presentable, you can add sound, music, narration, and text to it. Viewing virtual tours is simple and easy-no extra plug-in, no downloads.

Virtual tour can also contain hotspots, which when clicked provide either textual information or a link to your website. A virtual tour can have a single panorama, several linked together through hotspots.

Virtual tours are used extensively in real estate industry. It allows a user to view a property or a house from different angles while he/she is on-line. Currently various industries use such technology for marketing their product or service. Some websites even allow their visitors to navigate virtual tours by clicking on maps or floor plan. You can move easily between rooms and obtain an overall picture of the property.

Currently, real estate agents and brokers use virtual tour in their websites to make it popular and attractive. They use it as a marketing tool. A real estate website should be filled with content, which is relevant to homebuyers, sellers, and images, which will help visitors to visualize. Properties with virtual tour in the internet have been proven to increase visitors, driving sales and attracting more vendors to their door.

As we all know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, so is virtual tour. It provides the customer with a complete view rather than segments. Virtual tours can help you sell your property quickly and easily by giving the property the maximum exposure.

Virtual tour saves time of prospective buyers. A buyer can take a look of the property from the comfort and convenience of his or her own home. 24 hours a day, without the time, cost, and inconvenience of travelling-a buyer can surf the net.

By transforming the photographic image from a flat, two-dimensional world to a 360-degree virtual reality view, virtual tours allow the visitors to explore the property online as if they were there.

1. Give your customer more complete visual information
2. Make your property standout in a competitive online market.
3. Increase your customers confidence in your property.
4. Saves time.
5. Hassle-free, no need to interact with non-buyers.

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